Saturday, July 14, 2012

20 weeks

Size of Baby : About the size a banana. (7 inches give or take) 12 ounces on the 19 week ultrasound that's in the 84th percentile... whoa Nelly! We might be on our way to a big baby.
Gender: According to the ultrasound last Monday the tech thinks we are having a Girl. We're so excited. The only thing is that I really hate pink, I mean passionately hate it. I'm a little nervous that I'll be getting a lot of pink stuff. Of course when the baby grows up if she loves pink she can have all the pink she wants, but right now I don't think she cares so I'm hoping to avoid pink as much as possible.

Sleep: Sometimes good sometimes bad. I'm having a lot of vivid dreams.
Miss Anything?  I have a hard time cleaning certain things. Dishes make me gag and sometimes vomit. I miss being able to keep things clean. But Barlow is such a trooper and had has helped a lot.

Movement: Not yet,but even the doctor thought I should be feeling something, but there was plenty of movement on the ultrasound.

Food cravings: Mashed potatoes

Symptoms:The sciatic pain is much better. I have a lot of heart burn, and still some nausea (sigh). I haven't throw up since the 4th of July when I tried to clean the sink trap, and then I over ate the yummy 4th of July food and paid for it by throwing up.

Due Date: November 29th 2012

Next Dr. Appointment:  Aug 8th

Getting Ready:There was some icky wallpaper in the baby's room that Barlow's mom helped be tear down. I've got it primed and will soon hang up clean and neutral wallpaper.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am an emotional time bomb! I think that says enough.

Maternity clothes? No. I'm getting quite a belly but it's sort of in the stage where people can't tell if I'm pregnant or just fat. 

19 week ultrasound picture in which the baby is giving us the "peace sign".


Elisa Stephenson said...

Congrats again! I love that she is giving you the peace sign. I'm sure you can find some cute gender neutral stuff to avoid pink.

Airie said...

We're excited for you guys! Good luck with the pink thing. I was bombarded with it. And I wouldn't worry about not feeling movement. You probably do, you just don't recognize it. At least I was that way. It took me a while to tune in. Not to mention, I think it's hard to notice when you keep busy, but that's just me. Hang in there! :)

Joy said...

Shaylee, Annica and I talked about how we'll need to find you some non-pink stuff if you were having a girl. There's lots of green and yellow for girls out there.