Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Fives first week in Feb

I have not been doing a great job of updating my blog. Since Quinn's birth and death I've been really withdrawn. I know I need to get out and write more. Even if very few people read it I'm hoping I'll feel better.

I follow a lot of blogs using Netvibes and it keeps me updated. I've noted a lot of bloggers do Friday favorites or friday wrap ups.
I'm borrowing the idea of Friday Fives from the small things bloggs.

1) Well we'll start from last weekend. Last Saturday I went to a pediatric conference at Seattle Children's. I went with my cowork and friend Darci. We had a nice drive and the time flew by since we were chatting so much.  We learned about lots of helpful tips in treating patients. I love going to these confernences. I hate sitting for such a long period of time, but it's worth it.

2) On Sunday it was my turn to teach the relief society lesson. I was so nervous and it was sort of a challenge. Afterwards I felt like crawling under the carpet. I felt I was not prepared and that it was patetic. It wasn't the lesson it was my peperation.

3) One of my dear sweek coworkers lost her mother. It's been a long hard road for thier family and my heart goes out to her.

4) Crossfit: Barlow and I have been doing crossfit. We are in the beginner class so we are building strength and technique. It's 3 days a week and we crawl home in the evenings after these classes. The real soreness seesm to set in ~ 2 days later. We aren't pushing around tractor tires yet, but we are improving.

5) Yesterday I gave blood in Levenworth. It only took ~ 1 hour and I was done no problem. Barlow and I are trying to donate regularly. The only issue is that we get lots of calls thanking us and asking us to reschedule. The marketing is sort of smothering.


Vlad said...

Hang in there.

Vlad said...

And also, I wish that you would put a little more time into your blog. Not criticizing, just yearning for more information.

Vlad said...

I'll keep checking up on this. You keep your head high.