Saturday, April 12, 2008

Return from Montana

The beautiful mountains of Bozeman Montana.

I have been really slacking, I've been back from Montana for one week and I still haven't written about it.

I did a surgical rotation in Bozeman Montana, I was originally supposed to do a inpatient rotation there. But when I got to the first day of clinical I was informed that it was a surgical rotation. I contacted my program and they just told me to run with it. I am supposed to integrate inpatient medicine into my surgical rotations. This means I have 2 surgical rotations both are in general surgery. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's nice because on this second rotation I feel like I know the ropes a little bit better. But Surgery is kind of hard, and taxing in a different way.
It's stressful at times everyone one is very up tight and you have to work very hard not to break the sterile field. The whole staff is watching you just waiting for you to do something wrong. It's kind of fun because sometimes your up to your elbows in guts literally.

Bozeman was a great place other than it was cold. And I had to drive in 4 wheel drive half of the time. It was a huge adjustment after the melting heat of Ecuador. There was a ton of snow, Barlow and my parents came to visit for Easter and we later went Xcountry skiing.

This is a pathetic entry I know... I'll try to do better on this next write up about my surgical rotation in Silverton.


Chelsea said...

So I just saw all those new pictures from Ecuador. Looks like so much fun. And, two surgery rotations? Yikes! I am in in-patient right now and keep thinking this would be your bag. Mine...not so much. I feel like a complete idiot all the time. I have no clue what is going on...intubation...HELP!

Jed Jeni & Kenzi said...

Lex where are you?? We need an update!! ;) Hope all is well with you.