Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm going to die...

Yes, it's true I'm going to die...

But before you get upset let me explain. My roommates (from Bountiful and Farmington) and I always joked that when people get married it's exactly like they die. They don't write they don't call and it is very difficult to get hold of them it's as if they... died. We even have a 'wall of death' where we would hang the wedding invitations we got. Since then I've moved to Oregon and we've had one roommate die. But luckily she keeps in touch unlike all those o
thers who've died...(hint, hint-just kidding- I understand people get busy)
So I'm scheduled to die or in a more pleasant manner of speaking I'm engaged. No joke! I'm serious... try to close your jaw, and climb back on the chair you just fell out of. No definite date yet, but maybe sometime in the fall after I graduate from PA school. And.... (drum roll please).... I graduate in August. YAY me! There's lots of great announcements in this blog.

Here are some pictures of the lovely ring...

This is an aerial view of the ring...

This is the profile of the ring

This is a nice view of the ring, but unfortunately is shows an unsightly scratch I earned from a very small altercation with a barbed wire fence while visiting home in Utah.

How did this happen? I'm not really sure... Just kidding. We went back home to Utah and we drove around Altamont and I was narrating and describing all the landmarks (All 3 that are in Altamont) Barlow (my finance) was driving. He drove around my High School nearly 5 times, and I was thinking... we've seen every angel of my high school we can go home now. But then he stopped the car and opened my door after getting on one knee and then asked me... and I said yes... but I was a little dazed to say the least. I think I put a little pressure on him because on the way to Altamont I nearly found the ring myself while snooping- typical me.

This is the One. The guy I'm engaged to.
This is the only Head shot of Barlow I could find on my computer the others are all compressed down so you can't see him very well. This was taken at a restaurant in Montana when he came to visit with some other friends of ours. These freinds also took this picture in Montana. I don't really LOVE this picture but it's the best one we have together. Don't worry we'll try to take some more. I'm rather camera shy so it's been a challenge for Barlow to get any pictures of us together.

During Spring Break Barlow and I drove out to Utah so he could meet my family. (This is all pre-engagement). On the way there we stopped in Ogden so Barlow could meet a friend whom he grew up with. Nearly a week before the trip Barlow shaved is head on a whim. It was sort of funny to arrive in Ogden and find that his old friend also had a shaved head.... Following Ogden we went to hang out with the 'Rock House Girls' who are my roommates from Bountiful and Farmington. Good times were had by all.

I made Barlow and Eric pose for this picture on the street so we could all see their matching hair styles.

When Barlow and I came to Utah we brought my family Razor clams which we caught several weeks before and froze.

Luckily for everyone eating, Barlow did most of the cooking. I've got it made, I have a guy who can cook and clean... just kidding I'm sure I'll do my fair share. It was while cooking alongside my dad that Barlow asked my dad if he could marry me. I don't envy him at experience have you seen my dad? Oh well if not here's a picture.

Actually my dad is a Marshmallow it's just that he's 6 foot 3 Inches, and a well muscled mechanic. Barlow had stealthily asked me to got out to the car to get his camera so I would be out of the way. A few hours after he got my dad's permission he asked me to marry him.

Unfortunately, Barlow also had to meet my sister. (Just kidding Haylee) She can be a little sassy but she's a good kid.
See what I had to put up with growing up?

Lucky for my parents they've already married one daughter off. The above picture is Haylee's husband Lee. Yes he always looks this goofy (okay yes, I'm kidding once again). Lee and his brother have a bad in Altamont that they are trying to put together but Altamont's pretty small for such exploits. You can listen to their first song on myspace.

One thing Barlow wanted to do was go skeet shooting so between Lee and my dad we rounded up a bunch of guns and went to 'the hallow' to shoot skeet.

Here's Barlow and I both taking aim at the same skeet.

This is Barlow and Lee taking aim while my dad man's the skeet launcher (I'm not sure if that's really what it's called)

This is Barlow shooting a 9mm Glock.

This is Barlow shooting the 300 Magnum which is monster gun with a major kick that's why he's using the truck to stabilize it when he shoots.

This picture is auwsome because Lee is shooting a 22 and Barlow is in the back ground shooting the 300. The contrast of the sounds is hilarious the 22 makes a little 'ping' sound and the 200 is deafening "BOOM!"

Yes even I shot the big scary 300. My dad decided to supervise so I didn't 'get knocked on my butt'. But even with supervision I got a monster bruise on my shoulder from the 'kick' this gun creates.

On the last night we went to Bonfire with my old High School friends it was loads of fun, and I think Barlow wasn't too traumatized by the reunion of the 'Rat Pack' as my mom calls us.

But on the last day we had to get up at 5am and take the 14 hour drive back to Oregon

These are pictures Barlow took of the sun coming up outside my parents house. It's nice because the lake is near by but if only the 'used' car lot look didn't mar the beauty.
These are my parents two 'trusty' currently not running "Just need a little TLC" Tractors.

P.S. I'm not sure what the deal is with the bold and underlined fonts and why some of the pictures have links. I was having issues with this particular post... sorry.


Jed Jeni & Kenzi said...

Lex! That is such exciting news! Congratulations to you!!! I'm so excited for you. You are so funny, I love your analogy of "dying"!! It's so true! ;) Keep us posted on the details. Can't wait to hear all about it! Your ring is beautiful!!!

Cadie said...

Congratulations on your impending "death"!!!

Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited. All those long hours on the cell phone at the cabin in Ohio paid off huh? CONGRATS!