Monday, July 28, 2008

The chain letter/forward-stuff

  1. Barlow
  2. Family
  3. Helping patients
  4. Listening to music
  5. Reading a good book
  6. The smell of clean laundry
  7. Butterflies and hummingbirds
  1. Falling to my death
  2. Burning to death.
  3. Failure
  4. Ruining my life by making a dumb mistake
  5. Disappointing the ones I love.
  1. To finish my Master's Project.
  2. To get married in the temple to Barlow on OCT 25th.
  3. Pass my boards (to be a PA).
  4. To find a good job as a PA that I like.
  5. Eat Healthier, get out and workout more.
Current Obsessions/Collections
  1. Planning my wedding
  2. Collecting books-lots of them
  3. Neopets- but I'm reformed.
  4. Books on CD or tape to listen to on road trips (I'm on the road a lot these days).
Random/Surprising Facts:
  1. I dislocated my patella while skiing
  2. I have 3 associate degrees
  3. I was originally an art major.
  4. I had two pet Iguanas as a kid, the first one died and my dad rushed out to buy a new one before I found it, but I got home before he got back from the pet shop.

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