Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crazy Labor day weekend

It was such a crazy labor day weekend. My dearest cousin Jessica Purcell went into labor on Saturday and in > two hours she'd delivered beautiful 26 week Amaree Cholee. It was crazy everything went so fast. My dad and I rode to the hospital with Andrew and Jessica, I was so scared for her the whole time. Luckily she is just fine. She's up walking around and carrying on like the tough woman she is. She sure is worried like the rest of us. 1lbs and 15 oz Amaree had to life-flighted to the U of U. She is in intensive care and on a ventilator and has all sorts of lines running into her. I worked in Newborn ICU for a few years and I know she need expert care because she was so early and so small, but she look so good and is so vigorous I'm sure she'll pull through we are all praying for her and her family. She is beautiful and so many people love her all ready.
I'm attaching the blog her parents are making for her, it should have all the updates.


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