Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back to the beginning

I passed my boards and I have a job as a PA but I can't work as a PA... bummer.
We are getting short on funds just like everyone else is, not to mention Christmas is coming up so I decided to go back to my skills as a Respiratory Therapist.
It's been hard to find an RT job on a temporary basis, everyone wants a commitment and they want me to work full time permanent or they want me to travel to Oklahoma (although it would pay well to go to Oklahoma for 3 months). I don't think it would be good for a new marriage to part ways, and I'd just have to quit a permanent job once my PA license came through.

Salem Hospital agreed to hire me Unscheduled- which means that they don't have to pay me benefits but they still hire me to fill in on shifts where needed. This actually works out great because they are so short handed they will let me work just about whenever I want.
The bad part is that they usually don't have their unscheduled people work the ICU, but they have us work on the floors instead. This is excruciating after working in shock trauma and Newborn ICU back when I was a therapist. I still did floor work sometimes back then too, but it's still really slow in comparison.
I'm still in orientation for another 3 shifts which is really slow because I watch someone else do the work so I know how to do it correctly. This is all good and well, but I feel like I caught on the first day. But oh well, if they want to pay me to hang out that's fine with me. Well, actually it isn't I hate it when I'm sitting on my butt and everyone else around me is working hard, it makes me feel pathetic to be at work and not working.
Oh, well only 3 more 12 hour shifts like this and then I'll probably be running my butt off.
I am orienting to night shift and day shift so we'll see just how tired and not willing to work I am after starting the night shift.

I still don't have pictures of our house by the ocean yet. We moved our stuff out, and then we went back to Barlow's parents for Thanksgiving dinner. When we went back to put things away I was super sick. I don't think I'd been that sick since Ecuador (which was a miserable place to be sick in- although antibiotics were cheap and easy to come by). This was probably a (gastroenteritis) stomach virus because I couldn't keep anything down, I had a fever and I was exhausted. I just huddled up in bed and whimpered it was pathetic.

But wow do I appreciate feeling 'normal' now. It's the most wonderful thing not to be vomiting. I have a new found appreciation for everyday life. Maybe it just takes little reminders like that to keep me on track.

I hope on next post I can show some pictures and and report something exciting.


Sunnishine said...

The license will come through- but you are so smart to work as an RT in the meantime. Hope you are settling in well! Are you commuting from Tillamook?

Amaree Chloee said...

Lex, I am glad that you are feeling better! Sometimes you have to work a job that you don't want until the right one comes along. I am sure that once you have your license you will get whatever you want. I am so proud of you-you are awesome! (although, I can't imagine actually WANTING the excitment of the NICU!) Jessica, Andrew, Amaree

Airie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been sick and that your work situation is stressful. I know the feeling and the fears that come with that. But you're honestly one of the strongest, most resilient people I know. You'll make it and all will be well. I can't wait to come and see you guys over New Years!! Love you!

Chelsea said...

Yeah..are you commuting to Salem from Tillamook? Crazy girl. Glad you feel better. I bet it is weird to work as an RT after going through PA school, but money is money. Hope the license comes through soon! And, anxiously awaiting pictures of your beautiful beach house.