Thursday, November 27, 2008

Catching up- The wedding

Okay, I have gotten totally behind on my blogging sorry about that. On October 18th I had to opportunity to go to the Manti Temple, this was to help me get ready for my wedding on Oct 25th. Barlow and I drove out to Utah the night before and we stayed with his brother and sister-in-law Airie. They were super nice and opened their house up for us.

After Manti Barlow and I spent the next day with my family On Monday we went to the Vernal temple to take professional wedding pictures early so we wouldn't be so stressed on the wedding day. I highly recommend doing that . I would like to post those pictures but... I don't have the copyright for them yet... hopefully soon. I took Barlow to the airport on Tuesday because he had a test earlier that week. I spent my next few days gathering decorations, and trying not become a bridezilla. My Aunt Carla, cousin Dayan, my sister (Haylee) and my Brother in law Lee were super great about helping out.

Barlow drove out with his family and they arrived in Altamont on Friday, we went to LC ranch where we were to have the reception and everyone helped decorate and get ready for the reception the next day.

My family and Barlow's family at the breakfast table.

Early Saturday morning before the wedding we all went to the Frontier Grill in Roosevelt for a wedding Brunch that Barlow's parent's bought for us.

Our friends from Oregon Julie, Jasmine, Mandi and Mark. They drove ~14 hours to com to our wedding!

A picture of some of my roommates from Farmington with my mom and Aunt Carla. My roommates had quite a drive too from the Wasatch front ~ 3 hours.

At 12 noon on Oct 25th 2008 we were married in the Vernal Utah temple.!

Pictures right after the wedding:

A picture at the temple with us and the Oregon crew.

Me, with the Rock house girls (Shaylee, Annica, and Joy) my roommates from Farmington/Bountiful.

This was picture with my cousins... in the back Rachele, Keron, Katie. Front Haylee (My sister) Dayna, Me, and Jessica.

This is all of my family and Barlow's family that came to see us at the temple.

This is a nice picture combining both my family and Barlow's family.

This is the yurt outside of the main lodge at L.C. ranch. We had the reception inside the yurt it was pretty warm and fun to decorate, it got a little small sometimes but over all it was really nice.

Our wedding colors were white, brown and gold (fall colors) I had two bridesmaids Annica and Shaylee, and Barlow had his brother Abram and his friend Eric as groomsmen. We served pumking pie, apple pie, apple cider, and wedding cake. Annica made cute little temple mints and Lee (my brother-in-law, Haylee's husband) and his brother Johna played a few songs on their guitars.

Great picture Barlow's mom took of her family in front of the yurt.
On the left: Abram & Airie(Barlow's brother and sister-in-law with Dad, on the right Eric (A grooms man/friend) and Barlow.

Picture of our wedding cake. Barlow's mom made this cake, it was coconut and ohhh, it was sooo good.

The day after we came back to Oregon I went to a job interview with Tillamook County. I was really nervous (This was for a PA position). I had a 6 person panel interview. But luckily they asked me REAL questions not the still questions like "What does the word service mean to you?" it was more like. "What sort of things would you want your medical assistant to do for you?" I wasn't sure if I did that well but they called me a few days later. Told them I'd think about it but I decided to take it since it looks like it will qualify for loan repayment and I've got some heavy duty loans after PA school.
After the scary interview and we went to Victoria B.C. for a short honeymoon weekend. Barlow had school and I had to take my PA boards or my Tillamook job offer wouldn't count for anything. We didn't have much time but we made the most of it. Victoria is super pretty (we had a hard time remembering the camrea). We made the error of getting a hotel about 30 blocks from the harbor where the ferry dropped us off and we didn't bring our car over boarder. So the first night we walked 30 blocks... but after that we decided it was worth it to spend the money on a taxi. One of my favorite parts was the bug zoo. We got to hold tarantulas, millipedes and all sorts of cool insects.
As I mentioned I had to take my PA boards they were really scary. It costs $400 each time you have to take it and if you fail you have to wait 3 months to take it. I took my friend Chelsea's suggestion and I took a lunchable for a snack and I took Iain's suggestion and took frequent breaks. You see it is a 6 hour test! While I was in the exam I was praying that I'd pass not because of the money or the 3 month waiting period or even not getting the job in Tillamook, I was most afraid I'd have to suffer through this horrible 6 hour test again in 3 months. The day after I took the test I got and email... and I PASSED!!!
I was so happy!
It's been a busy couple of months. I graduated from PA school, got married, passed my boards and got a job.... phew.
Barlow and I decided we'd move to Tillamook County, and while we like Tillamook there are a lot of cows... it's the home of the great Tillamook Cheese, which is really great.
But with cows and great cheese comes the smell of a dairy.... which is everywhere it gets really smelly some days. So we decided to look around and see if we could find somewhere nearby but not as smelly. We looked on craigslist and in the local newspaper.
Tillamook is near the coast straight west of Portland. When we started looking around we found a bunch of places near the ocean specifically in Rockaway beach. We looked at a few places but we really fell in love with the first place we saw. It is about 1/3 mile from the beach, it is the woods with only one neighbor. There are deer hanging out in our backyard. it's a two story house with two small bedrooms and to large living areas (one upstairs and one down). We figured we could afford it and we love the place.
We made and agreement with the renters and we've been moving in the last few days... (I'll post pics soon)
My cousin Ben got married last Friday so we went back to Utah . It was beautiful we love Celeste ( his wife) and it was great to see the family again.
We had an early Thanksgiving with my family on Sunday... but that left the real Thanksgiving here in Oregon with Barlow's dad. Barlow's mom is in Thailand taking care of her sister who is ill. I was really nervous about making a Thanksgiving turkey but thanks to recipes on the Internet and Barlow's help (He made the mashed potatoes) it all came together. It was great. We had Mark, Mandi and Julie over and with Barlow's dad it was a full house. I'm so proud of my first Thanksgiving as a wife out on my own with my husband.
Wow... so much growing up in such a short time.
Tillamook cheese factory cows....


marci357 said...

Welcome to Tillamook - Land of Cheese, Trees, and Ocean Breeze :)

Sunnishine said...

Lexi! It is fun to catch up with you in cyberspace. Thanks for posting pics of the wedding. Congratulations! Once you feel settled in in Tillamook we should go out for lunch or something :) I can make the drive- haven't been there in a while.

Toni Moosmann said...

thanks for sharing your pictures and your experiences with me! hugs!

Chelsea said...

Whoo hoo! It's over what a busy few months. Congrats on everything. That house sounds divine. I'm jealous! Hey, you need to send me your address via email. I'm getting ready to send out Christmas cards and would love to send you one.

The Poll Family said...

Hey Lex! Congratulations on your wedding! You looked absolutely beautiful! It sounds like it was a wonderful day! Congrats on passing your boards as well! Yay!

On a side note, I remember visiting Tillamook during one of my stays in OR. It was a fun time!

Can't wait to see pics of your new home! Congrats again!

Jen said...

Hey Lexi,
Your cousin Jen from Salt Lake. Thanks for following my blog and saying hello. I saw your comment a while back and have been meaning to write you back.
Anyway, congratulations on your wedding.
Good luck with the job. Post often so we can stay in touch.
Jen f

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