Thursday, October 2, 2008

My friend Hermes

Hermes has been my friend for about 3 years now, we met in Orem. I found an ad on craigslist and so I stopped by to see him after my sisters wedding in Las Vegas. I happened to be traveling with both my mom and dad, so I asked them to stop and see what they thought about Hermes. I wasn't sure we were going to get along at first... but things have somehow worked out.

For those of you who don't know Hermes is my scooter.

I decided to take Hermes for a test drive to determine if I would buy this scooter. I had never ridden a scooter but I didn't' think it would be too hard. My dad explained the basics, I engaged the throttle and the scooter shot forward with amazing speed. My dad yelled 'brake, brake!' But for some reason my mind wasn't working, I drove into the garage of the lady who was selling the scooter and crashed into a wall full of camping gear. The scooter tipped over on me and camping gear rained down on top of me. It took a little while for everyone to dig me out from all the debris. At that time I wasn't sure this scooter thing was going to work out.
But I got back on and tried agian... and this time things went much better.

I went home and thought about it and decied to bring Hermes into my life.

I took him to Oregon and we drove to school together a lot. At time he's broken down and somtimes it rains... but we still have fun.

Barlow finally warming up to Hermes

I didn't get to ride my scooter much after I started clinicals... the moving every 6 weeks was difficult. And after Barlow and I got engaged I was having difficulty coming to grips with the idea that I might have to part ways with Hermes. Barlow was not a fan of my scooter. He felt that it was dangerous and he was really struggling with me commuting with my scooter.
Luckily after some time the 60+MPG bonus has been more appealing and Barlow now thinks that scooters and motorcycles are great. He has bought a parking pass to use the scooter at school, has enrolled in a class to get his own motorcycle license.

Mandi showing just how cool scooters are.

I also have my roommate/friend Mandi convinced how cool scooters are. She took scooter for a spin and unfortunately had a crash on it. It was only one of her first times riding.
But being the brave girl that she is... she just got back up and as soon as it was fixed she was riding again.

Mandi's battle scares.

So the happy ending of the story is that Hermes is here to stay despite some adversity so far he's been a great friend.


Cadie said...

You are braver than me! When it came time for motorcycle class in driver's ed., I sat out! No motorcycles for me!

exclusive_remedy said...

Oh man, all I can say is I apologize to Hermes and I appreciate you letting me ride him around! It is great fun!

Amaree Chloee said...

Congratulations on passing your boards! We love you!