Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moving to Wenatchee and McKay

I am really behind on my blogging but I'll try to summarize the recent events. I took a job in a Pediatric Clinic In Wenatchee Washington. I was sad to leave Tillamook as I had grown to love the people there, but it was better for me and Barlow. My last day was Feb 12th. A few days later the moving truck came and moved our stuff it was so nice to have movers come and move your things. The Pediatric clinic that hired me is part of the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center. They paid for a moving van to come transport our things.

The place we are renting in Entiat which is about 20 min North of Wenatchee. You can see the Columbia river from our house. Our street, we are the last house on the street.

Apple orchards next to our house. Right now they look really sad but I'm excited for apple blossoms and fruit this summer.

The hill behind our house it lookis very sparse and grey after being on the green Oregon Coast.

Wenatchee is about 7 hours from your place in Rockaway Beach. After we got a few thing put together we went to Wyoming to see my Grammy and to visit family and friends in Utah. My first day was last week and it went pretty well. I did a lot of orientation. I was lucky to shadow a dermatologist for a few days and I learned a lot about rashes and skin lesions in children. It's taking me a little while to get used to the new charting methods. This clinic does Dictation which is taking me a little while to learn.

Wenatchee is divided into the East Wenatchee and Wenatchee by the Columbia river.

It is largley supported by it's fruit industry there are a ton of orchards around the area.
There are 2 Bridges that cross the Columbia in the Wenatchee area. And a pedestrian bridge.

A few days after we moved it we went to the human society's animal shelter to find a dog to adopt we wrestled with the choice to get a dog. But I was very firm, I'd wanted a dog so badly. It looked like we might finally be stable enough to have one so we adopted one. We chose McKay because he seemed to learn how to walk quickly he was pretty calm and didn't get too excited with we saw him in the kennel.

He didn't have a name when we picked him out, he was a stray brought in. He'd only been there a few days before we came by. He had to go to the vet to be neutered, and get caught up on his shots. He was really reserved when he first came home with us, but that has since worn off and he is much more active.

He loves being in his crate. We are not super good at crate training but he doesn't protest when we send him to his crate.

He thinks he is a lap dog.

When he first saw himself i the mirror he became very excited, he thought there was another dog in the house. But he was confused because he couldn't smell another dog.

We've been working with him a lot. He now runs and fetches a ball in the back yard. He's had two escapes one was at a park when I accidentally dropped the leash. Barlow went running after him, McKay thought he was playing and ran even faster. We are a little worried if he runs he won't come back when called because when he's distracted he's not reliable to respond to us. But it's only been 1 week we'll give him more time to learn his name.
The second escape occured when we let him off leash in the back yard after church on Sunday. He ran around then found a hole in the fence. Barlow was still in church clothes and I was in relaxed wear so I chased him across the street he ran into the neighbors back yard (We haven't met our neighbors yet) her ran around there bushes running from me and peed on one of thier bushes. I hope they weren't looking out their back window to see this lady chasing her dog as it peed in their yard.
Other than those two events he's been really good.

I'll do my best to update again soon but I need to got to sleep so I can go take of sick kids at the clinic tomorrow.


Joy said...

I was so excited to see that you've updated your blog. Wow! It sounds like a nice place up there. I hope that you love this new job. It was nice to see you when you were down here!

Airie said...

Awwww....he's sooooo cute!!! Yay for you guys!! :)

Via Ferrata said...

Congrats! Your puppy is so cute!