Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alexaus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I have been dreadful at updating my blog. I have no good excuse I'm just lazy.

Today was NOT so good. The nurse who has been working in the clinic with me in Rockaway has been terribly ill, it's very sad. Since they laid off my favorite nurse I've been floating between them but my Rockaway nurse has been with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays since then. Anyway, She was not able to come in today. In the Tillamook office they 4 providers where normally we only have 2 so they couldn't send me one of my nurses. This means that it is just mean and the receptionist. The receptionist is a wonderful gal and super helpful but she's not trained to do anything medical. This had happened once in the past and I somehow managed to get through it. I thought I should be able to handle it this time. This means I room my patients take their vital signs, interview them, do the physical exam, order medications or tests, give immunizations draw blood it needed and of course my favorite part (Not-really) chart. I went to the clinic a little early and made sure the rooms were all set up something my nurse usually does while I'm checking on the lab results that have come in for that day.

I knew I had a lady coming in for a glucose challenge test to test to see if she was diabetic. So I opened the refrigerator to find the glucose solution and I kept the fridge open to long and a terrible alarm sounded because this fridge keeps the immunizations in it and they have to be at a special temperature. Nothing I did would turn the alarm off, it was a deafening sound like a fire alarm. The security company called but I didn't know the password so they had to call the nurse supervisor. She called me and I couldn't hear her with the alarm blaring- but luckily the receptionist came and she knew how to disarm the alarm.... wow what a great start to my day.

Well at first I looked at the day and thought 'no sweat' I have a lot of sports physicals and well child checks... this is usually super easy when I'm just the provider but not really when I have to do all the nursing stuff like check their vision and give their shots. Figuring out shots or immunizations is a nightmare there are certain ones you give kids different ones you give teenagers and of course ones you give adults. Anyway it didn't go to well, I ended up telling some of the kids that I needed them to comeback later when I could make sure the nurse was there to get the right shot drawn up.

I was also on call today so the refill prescriptions, and left over labs and new incoming phone calls that need to be handled by a provider came into me it was the day from HECK.

I came home and my husband it sitting at the table with a friend of his who is staying at our house for a few days since his work brought him out to the coast- he tells me he has bad news. He tells me he got fleas from one of your other friends dogs and he just noticed after driving home coming in the house taking a nap on the bed and then sitting down to the computer. I tell him to keep his distance and go shower ASAP. Then I decide we really need to bug bomb the house. We are going to a church dinner and our guest is off to work, so we cook our guest some dinner, put all the food away in cupboards and set off a bug bomb. We got in the car to drive to the activity and we realize we are in the same car he drove home in when he picked up the fleas so we stop and get the truck instead we are driving along, (I'm a little frazzled because it's been a hard day) and there is one loan flea that appears and jumps back and forth between us in the car! The little beasts are everywhere. We got some flea powder and bug spray for the cars and we are waiting for the house to finish fumigating hopefully we'll get this all straightened up in then end.
I'm just really hoping tomorrow is much better.



katie said...

so sorry about your day. i feel your pain...a lot. sometimes a girl just needs some chocolate...or tons of it. hopefully your day was better today. hang in there. i am sending love and happy thoughts your way. katie

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

oh noooo! on top of everything you have fleas! (ok, at this point i want to make a joke and call you a flea bag or something like that, but last year, the day before we left for ft bridger, i was loading the camper and found a bug that looked sooooo much like a cockroach, that i freaked out and compleatly emptied the camper and refrused to use it for refused to use it for rendezvous! so, i'll refrain from any flea jokes! ) LOL
(i set off two bug bombs, plus it sat all winter and froze...so what ever kind of bug it was was dead and gone) so, i'm like katie, i can sorta feel your pain, at least wherre the bugs are concerned! i'm sorry you had a terrible, horrible no good rotten very bad day. :-( hope today was better and so on and so forth! Hang in there!
♥ lewaina

Elayous said...

He lexie. I hope things are going better. I forgot you guys had the problem. best of luck ;-)

Eric and Caralee said...

Oh no, Lex I hope things got better and you got rid of all your fleas. :)Caralee

Chelsea said...

That is a horrible day. I have had to room all my patients before. That alone is horrible not to mention the rest of the day. Best of luck killing all the fleas.

The Moffatt Family said...

I'm late reading this.. but I'm sorry you had such a bad time and REALLY hope that the next and continuing days have been better!

We had earwigs in everything this summer - not the same as the awful fleas... but still awful!

Love ya lex! <3