Sunday, April 5, 2009


1) If the world of Harry Potter were real I’d be able to see Thestrals, I’ve seen many people die. I stopped counting at ~ 5 and that was a few years ago. I’ve never seen anyone murdered or anything, just seen a lot of people die in medical situations, traumas, etc.

2)I love soda. It’s something about the fizziness, I guess, maybe the sugar. I am an addict it doesn’t have to be one specific type of soda just soda in general. My favorite is Pepsi but I’ll take just about any kind.

3) I hate wearing shoes. During the summer I try to go without them as much as I can. But I like to wear socks inside. For the longest time I had to sleep with my socks on, I couldn’t stand the way blankets feel next to my toes.

4) I have terrible calluses on my feet (prob. Because I don’t wear shoes enough) I have to do some hard core exfoliating nearly every week. If I don’t then in a few weeks It’s so bad I might have to take a belt sander to them-although I never have.

5) Every day at work I have at least one moment of fear. There is something I see on the schedule that fills me with panic and I get really worried. Thinking “What in the heck am I going to do about that?” Most of the time once I get in the room and see the patient it’s not really all that bad, but I get really nervous at first… it’s getting better with time.

6) I love Jimmy Stewart. My mom introduced me to him in the movie Harvey, ever since then he’s been my favorite. I was lucky in H.S. that I had friends (Katie, Jessie, Toni, Michelle and Effie) who liked old black and white movies and we could all get together and watch them. I own ~ 27 Jimmy Stewart Movies. I may have a few lent out. There are still a lot more for me to collect but I have a good start.

7) I’m allergic to Pineapple. When I was younger it was okay, but in college I worked in the cafeteria, I cut up Pineapple everyday and after a while I started getting blisters on my hands. Now when I eat them I get major abdominal pain sometimes vomiting, and blisters on my tongue and in my throat. I’ve never had an anaphylactic reaction luckily.

8) I collect books. Mostly novels and classics, but also medical books. I don’t read them all I just by them to put on my shelf-in case I want to read them. It’s sort of a compulsion-my book collecting. I do read a lot but not as much as I’d like to. I have been doing much better I used to buy about 2 books a week. Since getting married I have cut back a lot.

9) I’m not good at being in the water. I might not drown I can swim a little, but I get very nervous in the water. I ruptured my ear drums scuba diving a few years ago. I had to have surgery to patch one of them up. I have been afraid ever since then of it happening again. My family and my husband all love to scuba dive but I’m afraid to go now. It can be really frustrating to them that I am so apprehensive about the water.

10) I’m afraid of chickens. I hate them. I like that they lay eggs and they sure taste good, but live chickens are scary. When I was really little maybe around 2-4 years old my grandpa had fighting cocks and they were nearly as big as I was they were mean and would attack us- at least that’s t he way I remember it. Those sounds they make are really strange and they way they move with they're head bobbing is really creepy.

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Amaree Chloee said...

Wow Lex, I learned something new about you! I had no idea that you were afraid of Chickens. I am glad that you shared that with us. I guess I could see Thestrals too, now that you mention it. I guess you have way more experiance with it than me though. Miss you and Love you tons!

katie said...

Lex, that was great! I didn't remember about the ear drums until I read this. It makes sense though. I really enjoyed reading your honest scrap. Have a wonderful week. I wish you were here to be my PA (but why would you leave somewhere so wonderful). I know you are great. love katie

Mercy Ottis/The Stone House said...

Fun to get to know these things about you! I would never think you had any fears! Chickens? You do live in a beautiful place! I feel like Katie, how fun it would be to have you be our PA!!!!! I bet you are amazing!!!!!Chin Up!!!!!!Sorry about the Thestrals. I could see them also. But the only folks I have see die were ones I loved very dearly. And they just slipped away. I can't imagine the Trauma associated with the deaths youo have see.....enjoy a walk along the beach for me OK? Maybe pick up an aggate or two OK? :-) ♥

Eric and Caralee said...

Wow! Chickens, they are pretty nasty. We had tons of them when I was young, I had trouble eating eggs for several years because they reminded me of the smell! Eric always says he likes to eat chicken (especially chicken hearts, cause you can eat 10!) because it means a chicken had to DIE!! haha :)

Mercy Ottis/The Stone House said...

Hey Lex, how you been doin lately? I know youre a busy soul!!!! Kim and Brandon may be coming up to Tillamook in Aug. Still up in the air. Landon is no longer getting least not this year.....(your guess is as good as mine!) He lives in Vernal and works in WY, so I don't get to see him too often. Take care of yourself. ♥