Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have not updated my blog in a very long time. I have been really slacking, I've been waiting to get my camera so I could upload some pictures. It seems to be taking a long time so I'm going to press forward without the pictures.
Shortly after Christmas Barlow's Brother and sister-in-law (Abram & Airie) came and visited. Barlow's friend Eric also came, we all had a great time staying up late and playing games, eating Barlow's mom's delicious food, and seeing the sites. We had been having a lot of cold weather and snow. Unfortunately when we were on the way to the airport to pick up Eric we spun out and crashed into the guard rails. It was strange I've never spun in circles like that before, it was like my truck was ice-skating. We hit one guardrail with the front bumper and then with the rear bumper.

My poor Nissan who's name is Josie... was injured as you can see from the photos. It really wasn't that bad it could have been so much worse. Anyway Josie is totally drivable and someday when I have the $ it won't be that difficult to repair. I just feel bad because I'm afraid I'm traumatized Abram and Airie for life.

In other news: my PA license came! I started working in the Tillamook County clinic the day after Martin Luther King day. So I've been there over one month. There is sooo much that I don't know, I'm second guessing myself a lot and asking tons of questions. But the staff there seem to be tolerating me fairly well. I see on average 14 patients a day and I'm supposed to see 20 so I need to step up my game and get a little faster. We have one room where all the providers hangout to do their charting and research. We each have a desk in there and we call it the 'Bullpen', it's nice because I don't have far to go if I have questions. I am seeing mostly acute stuff like sore throats, headaches, colds, etc. I occasionally have someone with out of control diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure). In April they plan to have me come to the Rockaway Beach clinic which is just down the road from our house I'm looking forward to that, the only draw back is that if I have questions I have to call the Doctors instead meeting with them at work. Barlow and I are excited to have benefits it's nice to have insurance. Everything worked out great because I have to start paying my student loans this month.

I have also been called to be the Young Women's president here in our little church branch. We are in the Neah-kah-nie branch and I'd guess at most we have 50 people come. I only have one young woman to teach she's 14 and did not come to church until I became the president, so I guess we're getting along well since she's been coming. If anyone has any good ideas for activities that would only involve one other girl email me I could use the suggestions.

I am also working as a Respiratory Therapist one weekend a month in Astoria at Columbia Memorial Hospital. This gives us some extra cash and it's nice to take a step back and work as an RT again. I don't think I'll be picking up any shifts at the Salem hospital in the near future. The only down side is that Astoria has a lot of little certifications that I don't have to have the clinic such as ACLS, and PALs which are good to have but I have to take time off at the Tillamook Clinic in order to attend those classes.

I'm sure there is more I need to update on but these are the major events for the time being.


Sunnishine said...

Sounds like you are in the thick of things LExie! We were only in Tillamook an hour... and I don't think I have your number :) But we should get together sometime when you are free. That's awesome that you are getting certified in everything!

Joy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your truck! You don't seem to have a lot of luck with that. I'm so glad that you're enjoying your job. I'm sure you're fantastic!

Mercy Ottis said...

eeeewwwww! Sorry about the crunches! glad you were safe. Congrats on being certified!!! Great news!

Eric and Caralee said...

ohh, yes I can certainly relate! (Yes, we do have an awesome warranty!!). Congrats on the PA, I'm sure you are fabulous :) do you like Oregon by the way?

Chelsea said...

Sounds like you are staying busy. Hurray for starting a job just in time to pay loans. Ugh.

katie said...

lex-things sound great. I wondered why you hadn't written for a while. (thats more like me than you...)I just want to say that you sound great and you will make an awsome yw president. the best. love katie