Friday, December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Blog

I'm sad to say, I don't have any cute pictures to post, I don't have any heart warming stories to share, and I don't have any cute poems or sayings to publish on my blog. I finally get to start feeling the Christmas spirit. We finally got presents for the people on our list. But none of the people far away will be recieving theres for a while, because we mostly bought everything the day before Christmas. We have had such a hectic schedule, that we got behind on a lot of things.

Barlow and I spent Christmas with his parents in Beaverton, and I called my family on the phone. I was more homesick than I thought I'd be. I've had Christmas' away from my family, but it was still sad even though I got to spend Christmas with my new added family.

Barlow and I decided to wait on Christmas presents for each other, after the Christmas sales we should be able to find something. Barlow's parents gave me a new reel and pole so I can go sturgeon fishing with his family. They also gave us this puzzle in an envalope for our other gift. It took me a long time to figure it out but Barlow caught on pretty quick. They offered to buy us a new bed, which we really need. We are pretty excited about that.

Barlow's mom got a new computer which was pretty exciting since she's translating books from English into Tai.

Our friends gave us a Calvin and Hobs book and one of my old roommates made me a new skirt for church.

We mostly slept and visited on Christmas day. We watched my favorite Jimmy Stewart movie Harvey. We had an amazing dinner with prime rib, and yorkshire pudding, mmmm-great stuff.

Mostly our Christmas was spent trying to figure out how to get to work through the snow.

Can't wait until the weather improves and we can go walking on the beach.


Sunnishine said...

How is your license coming? ARe you working in Tillamook yet or Salem still? Sounds like you got some fun presents!

K*RO :) said...

SIGH!!! walking on the BEACH!!! Glad to hear all is well with you! LOVE!!! :)

mercyottis said...

Lex, thank you for your prayers. It's hard for kim who came into this world with a great huge overpowering desire to have a baby, to no be able to. At least for now. Love you too!

Emily said...

Lexy, you love Harvey too? I wish I'd known that. We could have watched it together. It's such a great movie...