Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rockaway House

I finally was at the house in Rockaway Beach long enough to get some things unpacked and to be able to take some photos. So here are some photos of the house. It was a fairly clear day for once. It's been raining constantly on the coast and poor Portland has been pounded by snow

Our land lords live right next to us in bigger and nicer house of course, but we still really like our house. One bonus is that we don't have to do any of the yard work. They do all the landscaping, they have a little lighthouse and a little dory in the yard. We have plenty of outdoor parking but no covered parking, but we don't mind.

The lower story does not have many windows except for the glass entrance door on the side.

These photos are views of from the patio on the second story. It overlooks a lake we think it's called lake lytle.

The road to our house winds around the lake and out to highway 101. Across the highway are the railroad tracks which are generally only used in the summer. Across the tracts is the beach. We only live about 1/3 of a mile from the ocean, but it's just about right because when there are storms we don't get pounded by the ocean.
We spend mos of our time upstairs where our bedroom is and where it's warmer. The floors are wood, and we have lots of windows upstairs. It's overcast most days, but we still get plenty of ambient light. We don't have much furniture as manifest by our lack of table chairs we have been using camp chairs... luckily Barlow's parents had a few chairs we could sit at the bar so we have a place to sit when we eat.

These are the doors to our patio which has tons of room and a fun view.

Our downstairs is clutter with bookcase (which you can't see in these pictures). And we only have the futon but we don't have a a ton of room downstairs and we don't spend too much time downstairs.

This is our little guest room, it's quite cozy, it shares with the washer and dryer which are suppose to go behind that brown curtain, but we don't' have a washer and dryer yet.
Door to the old sauna.

There used to be a sauna downstairs but the heater has been taken out, now we use it as a really nice cedar lined closet... at least the things we store there will smell nice- like cedarThe EVIL OVEN of DEATH!

The only complaint I have with the house is the oven. It is possessed, everything I've cooked in it has burned. Even when I try cookies at 200 degrees for 5 min they still burn it gets way too hot.

Yesterday I had an exciting incident. We have a cast iron skillet I was trying cure I put some fresh oil in it and put it in oven at 200 degrees (the web says to cook it at 370 for 3 hours) after about 10 min at 200 in our oven it started smoking. I opened the oven to see if it had enough oil and flames leaped out of the oven the moment I opened the door. I promptly closed the oven and peered through the window the skillet was on fire the oil in the pan was burning. That means that the oven had to at least been over 400 degrees. (One website listed the flash point in the 600 to 700 range). I didn't want the pan to burn up so I got some baking soda opened the oven and poured baking soda all over the pan. That's why there's baking soda all over in these pictures.

This is the remains of the cast iron skillet, after I put the fire out. Poor thing... I don't know if we can save it.

Needless to say I won't be cooking any Christmas cookies.


Sunnishine said...

You new home looks so cozy! I love the wood floors. The perfect place for two newlyweds.

katie said...

What a great place. It is ideal. At least I think so. Sorry about the oven that kind of puts a damper on the whole cooking thing...have a great Christmas. lots of love katie

Amaree Chloee said...

We love your home! It is so cute and it looks awesome. Although, the evil oven must be dealt with. I would think that an oven that did that would be a fire hazard. Hopefully you can plead your case to the landlords. Keep us posted.

We would like to come up and see you guys this summer. Stay safe and we will talk to you soon!