Saturday, June 23, 2012

Warning: this post containes pictures and descriptions on insects.

My in-laws had some furniture in storage unit near Rockaway Beach where we used to live. Last weekend Barlow and his parents went down and packed everything up to bring to Washington. We had some space in our new place so they said we could use some of this nice antique furniture they had in storage. It had been in the salty are of the Oregon Coast so it needed some cleaning. I cleaned one piece without incident but then when I moved on to the second piece there was a lot of clumps of dust at first I thought i might be mice poo or something equally disgusting. I got the vacuum attachment hose and started vacuuming it up and found little white worms inside.

These are the little grooves that the insect has burrowed on the inside of the furniture.

I woke Barlow up because I wasn't sure what this was. We pulled out a drawer and found little burrows in the felt that lined the drawer along with little patches of insect feces.

So We aren't sure what these little insect larva are I'm hoping my cousin who's and entomologist can shed some light. I just hope they aren't some invasive wood grub that's going to eat our new place.

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