Saturday, July 10, 2010

First canning exsperiment

Barlow and I went to pick cherries today. We went to a U-pick cherry place we filled up 2 buckets pretty quickly it was really hot outside and I thought we'd die with the heat today. But it wasn't really all that bad we were lucky that there was enough shade from the trees. We picked way too many cherries. We ended up with nearly 20 lbs.

I'd never canned before but I wanted to try canning some fruit this summer since we live in an area where so much of it is grown. My parents did some canning when I was younger but of course I didn't pay attention back then.

The cherries were Ranier cherries so they are pale pink and orange in color. They are delicious.

I got this cherry pitter from bi-mart and whow am I glad because it made pitting the cherries really easy.
I had all 4 of my stove burners running for this project. I was really worried when I first looked at them because the buttons on the top weren't sunken in right to begin with but 12 hour later they are pretty sounds.
Phew we still have TONS of cherries to can or make jam with.

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