Sunday, August 22, 2010

Asian Market

This last weekend we went out to Seattle to visit Barlow's parents. They took us out for dim Sun. which is when you go to a restaurant and eat small portions of lots of different Asian dishes. Most of them are steamed and some look a little strange. But most of it is super delishous. Mostly the food is pushed around on little steam carts and when they get to your table they ask if you want some and give you your own little plate.

Afterwards we went to the an Asian supermarket. There were some very interesting things so I took some pictures to post on my blog.


This was a strange store outside the supermarket. They were selling some sort of new toilet they had some "Demos" set up with a sign that says "Try Me". I'd be a little disturbed if some were actually trying it out in the mall.

There was a lot of fresh fish most of it looked okay but some was a little interesting.

These were live snails. I had Conch in the Bahamas but they were larger and I think maybe a different kind entirely.

Pig ears.

Pig uteri enough said
Pork Gut... not a fan of any sort of guts honestly.

Fresh Duck feet and wings

Oxtail (Fresh)

Boneless Duck Feet- I have no idea how they debone duck feet.

raw Squid steak.

Squid steaks in the hotcase
Duck and Pig in the hotcase.

Another hotcase picture I think it's duck and chicken.

I really like Pocky but I didn't not know they made a special kind for men. who new Pocky would be a little sexist.

we went to the Kirtland park it overlooks lake Washington and has so many Lilly pads it's amazing. this is a pic of Barlow and McKay. It was hot and McKay does not like walking on the boardwalks but he looks like he's smiling when he pants.