Monday, August 9, 2010

Wonderful and sad week

Last week Barlow and I went to a reunion for my dad's family. It was wonderful to see all the family. It made me feel at home. But there was something missing it was a big gaping whole. Dad was missing of course. At times it was painful not to have him there. We had to work really hard to focus on the fun we were having and not on the person we were missing. The reunion was in Afton WY at my grandmothers place.
Mckay played really well with the other dogs we weren't so sure how he'd be since he hasn't been around dogs much since we adopted him.
After the reunion we went to my mom's house, we worked on the garage and there is so much stuff to clean it was hard to go through dad's stuff but it was fun to remember all the good times we had with the fishing equipment, tools and dad.
We went to Provo and went shooting with Barlow's brother and his wife it was pretty fun. But I'm worried it hurt my sister- in-laws arm.
The drive back to WA was pretty long it's a 16 hour drive. When we made it Wenatchee we were excited to only have about 30 min left in our drive. We found out that the road to our house was closed. There was a mudslide and we had to go all the way around the rive up to lake Chelan to get home it added another 2 hours.
The next day I looked up photos of the flood and this is what I found.

We've had forest fires and now mudslides near our house I'm starting to think this part of Washington is not a safe place to live. So far we have been very blessed.
Now we are back to the daily grind here in Washington. But it was a nice break to be with family.

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