Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vancouver Canada visit

I'm a little behind on my blogging. I thought I'd go over some of the highlights.

October 1st was Barlow's Birthday, it is also my cousin's and a friend of Barlow it's a popular day to be born on.

Barlow with his delicious lemon Chiffon cake.
(No I didn't make it, his mom bought it for him)

Some for the Hardy's friends came out to visit we went with them to Vancouver we rode the sky train. Barlow and I were so sleepy we kept falling asleep between stops.
View from the front of the train.

The Hardy's and friends on the sky train.

Barlow asleep on his feet.

The entrance to Chinatown in Vancouver.

Below: International village in Vancouver.

We ate at a Chinese restaurant in Vancouver. My hot and sour soup was served with a ladle in it.
Above: BBQ duck

Below: Asian market fruit stand.

Rambutan an interesting fruit

Chinese Garden in Vancouver.

Mangosteen good stuff!

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