Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful List

I remember sitting around around Thanksgiving dinner at my Grammy's house, we would take turns stating what we were thankful for. Some of these were humerus suck as "I'm thankful for Toilet paper." Others were serious such as " I'm thankful friends and family."

I never could decide if I wanted to be funny or say something serious so I'd switch back and forth one year saying something witty and the next serious and profound.

I tried to reinact this tradition at the first Thanksgiving I had away from my family with my roommates and with my husband and our guests when I got married.

I realize I have done a seriously BAD THING... I forgot to initiate that tradition over dinner today...I FORGOT to be Thankful. What sort of Monster does that make me?

In an attempt to repent of my sin I decided to do my own list here on my blog.

My Thankful List

#1 My family of course what sort daughter/wife/sister would I be if I didn't say my family.

#2 My Savior, if you aren't religious this seems really cheesey to you but to me it's pretty darn important.

#3 I'm thankful that I live in this country where I have so many rights and freedoms this is great place to prosper despite how our current economical situation may make it appear.

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